Live on the Edge with OPA’s Casa Brutale

You might remember the cliff-hanging project by Modscape published last year at Top 2014, but here is a new one concept from another studio OPA that will leave your mouth agape. Casa Brutale gives us wall-to-wall water and concrete set into cliffs above the Aegean Sea in what OPA promises will be a literally ground-breaking development.






Petros Koublis

Athens based photographer Petro Koublis explores the land that lies behind the edge of the city, outside the invisible borders of the extended metropolitan area. "This is an alternate state in parallel time, where silence seems to carry inside it a waiting, patiently whispering a long forgotten language. There is no beauty that is timeless but the timelessness of nature can reflect a new direction, maybe even a hope." petros-koublis1











Turbo Fatcap Graffiti by iNO

iNO has been a graffiti writer since 2000. The earlier years he produced mostly letters and bombing but after 2008 he focused in developing his style in characters. He studied Fine Arts and is active as a street artist. He is working constantly to evolute his spray painting technique and produce large scale murals.

Naked Silhouette Alphabet

"The photographic series NAKED SILHOUETTE ALPHABET is a latin alphabet art, formed by the naked body and performance of experimental textures that depict the silhouette." says the creator Anastasia Mastrakouli

In this series the goal is to highlight the dialectical relationship between anatomy and visual arts. Each image displays the way in which the body turns into one illustrative and choreographic communication channel of a message. The body is cut off from its physical nature and is perceived as an imprint. The body shape becomes a letter through a deliberately abstract and other-worldly aesthetic.

Marianna Ignataki illustration

Marianna Ignataki is a visual artist. Her work mostly consists of color pencil drawings on paper. She was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and studied Fine Arts at the Saint-Etienne Fine Art School in France.

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