Urban Symmetry by Zsolt Hlinka

"A series of symmetrical buildings on the banks of the River Danube by Budapest-based photographer Zsolt Hlinka. The images emphasize the uniform proportions of each structure by removing their surroundings and placing them in homogeneous, monochromatic backgrounds." via


Hlinka Photo

Hlinka Photo

Hlinka Photo

Hlinka Photo

Hlinka Photo

Hlinka Photo

Hlinka Photo

Beautiful Bucharest Bookstore

This bookstore is located in Cărtureşti Carusel, Bucharest in a XIX century piece of architectural art in the Old Town. Of all the possible uses for beautiful old buildings, a bookstore is the most elegant and atmospheric. It looks like the library of some eccentric explorer lord or a Bond villain.

In the 1900s, the place housed Chrissovelloni bank, which closed down in 1948. It then became a men’s clothing store, was converted into another store during the Soviet years, and was finally restored by Jean Chrissovelloni (a great grandson of the XIX century banker). He leased the building out to Carturesci, a chain of bookstores. It is their biggest and most ambitious store yet.

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New Photography Paintings by Flora Borsi

Hungarian photographer and graphic designer Flora Borsi has recently launched her new series called "IRÉEL", featuring mix of photographic elements with painting techniques. Last photo below is a behind the scene frame to see how she produced the final work.

A hyperrealist painter aims to achieve a result which looks like a real photographic picture. A pictorialist photographer's desired result is visually equivalent to a painting. The photographs are real, I've just applied some color/toning effects, adjusted the contrast and a few skin retouch.











Peter Hapak photography

Peter Hapak raised in Hungary, is a versatile photographer based in the US. He works for commercial and editorial clients, but his main focus lies on portraiture and the human body. His latest works for "Variety" cover shows the double-exposure technique in action, looks neat. But to understand the photographer's inner world better check his "The Protester" series made for The Time magazine Cover of the Year 2011. Time had named the Protester as person of the year 2011 and commisioned Hapak to travel to seven different countries to portray the protesters. In countries as Egypt, Spain, Greece and Tunesia he set up a makeshift studio in hotel rooms, anarchist headquarters and even in a temple in India. Peter also asked the portrayed to bring mementos of protest. Amongst the objects brought were Iphones, rubber pellets and Maalox, a substance used to counter the effects of tear gas. Another story he focused on were the Chilean miners that were trapped in 2010 which resulted in a strong series of black and white portraits. Peter has photographed a vast amount of celebrities as Robin Williams, Bono and Colin Firth. via


Time Magazine 2011 "The Protester"




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Smartwatch Concept

Gábor Balogh is a freelance designer from Hungary who, like many of us, wants an attractive, watch-like watch that just happens to be smart. The difference between Balogh and the rest of us is he went ahead and designed an interface he believes could enable regular watch designs to include a full bevy of smart features. https://www.behance.net/gallery/Smartwatch-Concept/14929833 The actual watch pictured in the mockups is almost incidental, as the concept simply takes the Swedish watchmaker Triwa's Havana timepiece (with the company's permission) and replaces its face with a circular display. This proposal is about interface paradigms, not product design. "In this concept the UI does not have a predefined style," says Balogh, "but it would match the housing. Only the navigational patterns have to be taken into consideration."

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Analogue Clock and Call Interface

Heart Rate Monitor and Messages

Stopwatch and Navigation

Weather and Music

Compass and Memos

Marton Perlaki photography

With an already incredible editorial portfolio shooting for TIME Magazine, Wallpaper* and Spin, Marton Perlaki is also the co-founder and photo director of award-winning magazine The Room.

“I’ve always been keen on capturing everyday reality by transforming it into photographs that suggests a world beyond reality. Most of my work features contrast in some way whilst striving for clarity and simplicity.”

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Pencil Carving by Cerka Hegyzo

I can't explain how much energy and patience one need to carve a flower from a carrot for a lovely salad but this pencil carving is out of my understanding and simply amazing. Budapest based let's say miniaturist sculptor Cerka Hegyzo creates masterpieces from a pencil's graphite. Endless inspiration ahead http://cerkahegyzo.deviantart.com/

Surreal Self-Portraits by Noell S. Oszvald

Hungarian photographer Noell S. Oszvald doesn’t have a huge portfolio yet, nor much is known about her – but the little that’s out there is enough to awe everyone. A 22-year-old presents a portfolio of powerful self-portraits, and one can hardly believe that she actually just started taking photos a little over a year ago. Her photos are all black and white, because Noell finds colors distracting. “I feel the same way about clothes and other matters of appearance, which why I like to reduce my images to forms, composition and content,” she says.