Black Atlass - Jewels directed by Woodkid

Black Atlass 'JEWELS' video Directed by Yoann Lemoine (aka Woodkid who announced his gap year from music but still doing epic direction and photography)Get Black Atlass " YOUNG BLOODS " Ep here!

The Fader Magazine: "Speaking to this idea, director Yoann Lemoine described his creative process for us: "I used a DIY 3D scan system that rebuilds models from multiple still images, and what we call camera mapping, and played with this material in my computer. The reality pictured in this video only exists in the computer I used to create the piece. I loved the idea of humans golden like objects, like pieces of furniture. I treated them with the same precious care we treat Jewels. I wanted to question the limits of incarnation, of organic versus digital, creating a piece that was equally beautiful and intense. Equally organic and digital." citing The Fader

100% CG black-atlass-jewels-cg