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Trimarchi 2015 Design Festival

Designcollector is happy to announce new media partnership with the largest Design festival in South America and one of the biggest in the world – TRIMARCHI. Happening in Buenos Aires during “Argentinian Spring”…


Art of Niharika Hukku

“For me, to create form and function out of what is essentially mud was magical,” says Sydney-based artist Niharika Hukku (@niharikahukku). With a background in painting, Niharika started out her career as a…


Franklin Obregon Photography

Journalistic and somehow explicit photographer Franklin Obregon (Instagram) won’t hide the feelings behind the photography frame


MS MR – Painted

“Painted” taken from MS MR’s new album HOW DOES IT FEEL is now available. Get it exclusively on Apple Music


Royksopp 2015 Tour Visuals with Alex Romanowsky

Russian visual and motion artist Alex Romanovsky has been commissioned to create Royksopp’s Tour visuals for current year.


World’s Largest Cave Hang Son Doong

Take a heartbreaking video-trip to the world’s largest Chinese cave Hang Son Doong, directed for you by Ryan Deboodt


Art of Jeremy Miranda

“Jeremy Miranda’s work is calming, like the divergent directions of both halves of an overclocked brain spontaneously aligning, spectrum of possibility crystallizing poignantly, the chaos of the wider world and the general entropy…


Give Life Back to Music – Daft Punk Animated Music Video

A tribute animated music video for Daft Punk’s song “Give Life Back to Music” directed by Matthew Shezmen Delli Zotti


Atelier Sukha Amsterdam

“Sukha Amsterdam is a cozy warehouse located in the center of Amsterdam. Well known for its eco-friendly mindset, Sukha’s items come from a sustainable background, are Dutch designed or produced and all carefully…


Minimal Pure by Feridun Akgüngör

In the series ‘Minimal Pure‘, Turkish digital artist and art director Feridun Akgüngör combined architectural imagery and soothing colors to create serene minimal photographs.


Caravan Tokyo

Here is Tokyo’s most unique rental, being a 100% Japanese-made, custom-built caravan. Constructed by local craftspeople and perfect for a two-person getaway, the intriguing dwelling place features a double bed, dining nook, storage…



In three unique digital art installations, FIELD and Monotype explore the future of typography. The digital triptych consists of “Glyph.Index”, “Sensual Power” and “Responsive Energy”


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