OKO is a puzzle video game. The goal is to reconstruct an image by stopping rotating circles cut out from this image. For each level, the animated pieces draw increasingly complex patterns. The challenge is to be attentive to image juxtapositions in order to stop the circles movement at the right moment. The game developed by Nadezda Suvorova (concept and design), Jérémie Forge (sound design) and Pierre Rossel/Nadezda Suvorova (development) Download it for iPad from iTunes App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/oko/id524351381?mt=8


Volvo Art Session

7 Chinese artists from our partners at NeochaEDGE portal were asked to recreate the visual image of Volvo Hybrid car within a 30+ square meter background canvas behind it. That was a live performance in Zurich this June, shot by renowned photographer Francesco Carrozzini.


View full credits, all videos and photos on http://www.volvoartsession.com

Julien Palmilha

"Julien Palmilha is a photographer living in Lausanne, Switzerland. His series of work entitled “Silences” features women as the main subject, with fashion, sadomasochism, torture, silence and fetishism. He captures icy cold and futuristic imatery, like poetry and dreams playing on the verge of light and darkness...." via Juxtapoz

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