From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes

"Created by British designer Alex Chinneck, this fun intervention creates the illusion that a brick facade has melted right off the side of a building and into the front yard. Titled From the Knees of my Nose to the Belly of my Toes, the piece was installed in the English seaside town of Margate, and the artist chose to present it without any identifying information, leaving locals amused and scratching their heads."

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Michael Johansson art

Sweden contemporary artist Michael Johansson among numerous of excellent installation works has "Some Assembly Required" and "TOYS’R’US" projects that attracted our attention. Fascinated by assembling objects from model kits as a child, Michael Johansson transforms everyday objects into models of themselves. Taking away their original purpose, the life-size kits hold a commentary on today’s ways of living. In his first piece from the series, TOYS’R’US, a boat and related equipment are joined together in a welded metal frame. Everything is painted in a unifying plastic layer to resemble the surface of a model kit.










Balance from Within

Imagine the 170-years old sofa is balancing on one leg. Creative Applications writes "Created by Jacob Tonski, artist-in-residence at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, ”Balance from Within” is an installation that includes a 170-year-old Victorian sofa which balances precariously on one leg, continuously teetering, responding internally to external forces. Inside the body of the sofa, a robotic assembly maintains balance dynamically. As the sofa begins to fall, the mechanism senses tilting and exerts a force appropriate to counter the falling, resulting in an endless wobbling back and forth."

Balance comes from within. It’s a delicate act, and sometimes we fall down. ‘Balance from Within’ is a meditation on the nature of human relations, and the things we build to support them.

VW Beetle as a Sphere and Cube by Ichwan Noor at Hong Kong Art Basel 2013

Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor arrived at Art Basel Hong Kong with a sculpture that emphasizes the Beetles form to the extreme – a real 1953 Beetle transformed into a perfect sphere. Check ABHK2013 Highlights on Yatzer









Ice Typography by Nicole Dextras

Even this coolest winter in European history has its pluses if you are a creative head. For Canadian environmental artist Nicole Dextras a severe weather is just another challenge to create massive ice messages to the human being or penguins.

When the ice texts are installed on site, the temperature determines how long it will take for them to change state from solid to liquid. This phase of transition becomes symbolic of the interconnectedness of language and culture to the land as they are affected by time and by a constant shifting and transforming nature.

Anamorphic Paintings by Felice Varini

No digital pixels were harmed while Felice created this huge anamorphic installations using only the paint and eye tricks. He has been creating these massive pieces since 1979; starting small with room based installations, but later growing to pieces that cover entire villages and require a hike up a mountain to properly appreciate.

Sculptural Waves by Mario Ceroli

"The idiosyncratic Mr. Ceroli is one of the least known but most influential artists of the Italian post-war scene." says NY Times His work spans over forty years and I encourage you to take a deep dive into his website to explore his wide range of installations and sculptures. Two of his most beautiful works depict crashing waves sculpted from thin layers of precisely cut wood and glass titled La Vague and Maestrale. via