Classics Vs Plastics

There is a tendency in today's world, associated with plastic surgery craze. Many people have a severe psychological dependence chasing the elusive perception of beauty. A person falls under the plastic surgeon's scalpel again and again. It seems that we have forgotten the simple truth that each of us is perfect and unique from birth.

CLASSICS VS PLASTICS is non-profit social project reminding the public about the problem of depence from the plastic surgery. Because the natural beauty is more important than imaginary aestetic standarts. How we are bringing this idea? Quoting the truly great men — the classics of their time.

Project team:

Pokras Lampas Calligraphy artist

Alexey Kuzin make-up artist

Alex Tsvetkov photographer

Artem Sanin model

Chris Strange model

Igor Duibanov brand-designer

Ilya Tekhlikidi creative producer

Zaal Danelia director & cameraman