OFFF Mexico 2012 Main Titles

As you may know our favourite festival OFFF just took a place in Mexico for Day Tour revealing awesome artist public speeches and presentation. Along with this gifted director Rob Chiu shoot the Main Titles of the festival... Six friends, coming of age at the end of the world...

OFFF 2012 Main Titles

Designcollector was a Media Partner for OFFF2012 festival this year and was the only online media that tried to make a life visual report from the fields with the help of Alexander Kalachev. Also we will try to make a full report this week with festival photos send us by our friends. BUT for now please watch Official Festival Titles created by Brosmind and UpperFirst. Brosmind and Upper First redefined the format, mixing cinema, illustration and 2D/3D animation with paper, adding to their highly anticipated video a double-feature comic book that was given for free, alongside plastic masks with the face of the characters, to a crowd that enjoyed all the presentation feeling that they were the real protagonists of the party.

Also check OFFF2012 Bumpers directed by Jellycubes

OFFF Istanbul 2012 - Main Titles by HKI

Our friends from Paris design band Hellohikimori presented official titles for OFFF On Tour Istanbul festival happened on March 4th. Directed with Red Epic camera, shows awesome design for participants names (that's why it called Titles), movie captivates with its simple story and video narration.

OFFF Istanbul trailer

OFFF festival is on Tour to Istanbul on 2-3 March Here is an offficial trailer directed by Güneş Akyürek.

P.s. Note that Designcollector (Arseny Vesnin) may have a speech about Russian Motion and Sound on another festival hence in Istanbul this April. More details later.

The Spinner OFFF 2012 Unofficial

Interaction design students from Moscow based British Higher School of Art and Design strikes again in a tutor's challenge inspired by the upcoming OFFF 2012 festival. The brief is "Take OFFF". "We decide to risk and make an ambitious project - the Offf titles. But the following titles do not include credits of artists from the festival. They serve as a reminder of designers who are no longer with us, but each of whom has left their influence in different design fields. artistry designed long go, we think, forms the base for the design of today and weaves the a thread through tomorrow. The main character of our video-story is a spinner, ancient Slavic goddess Makoš who rules over destiny of gods and men. Connected with fertility, reproduction and weaving, she equals to the Greek goddesses of fate Moirai, who spun the thread of life; and Norse Norns. This archetype can be found in the epos of every culture. She spins her own hair. As hair is the symbol of life, of strength, of sexual and creative energy. The symbol belongs to the goddess of fertility, who also represents Mother Earth that inspired cultural and agricultural ethics."

This is a BHSAD project, by one assigned student group, with additional help and consultation.

Credits: Concept: Anastasiya Vasukhina, Yana Mironova, Tim Raiter Photography: Yana Mironova, Tim Raiter, Pavel Anisimov Post-production: Yana Mironova, Tim Raiter Model: Natalya Shevchenko Costume: Location: Natalya Fedorova Linguistics: Stacey Wilenkin

Tutors: Dmitry Karpov Anton Yarusov

Supervisors: Stepan Burlakov ( Arseny Vesnin ( Oleg Sharabanov

Music: Nine Inch Nails "Ghost 35"

See also "Alchemy OFFF 2012" and first DCN+BSHAD Students Challenge

Alchemy OFFF 2012

Enjoy the Unofficial OFFF 2012 motion piece made in Moscow based British Higher School of Art and Design by students Artem Shchuyko and Anna Seslavinskaya.

Their tutor Dmitry Karpov released a brief "Take OFFF" Brief. The task was to create a visually reach short for OFFF 2012 event. We think about old alchemy culture, about making participation and interaction feel post-digital; making the tech less techy. We see this approach is reflected back in the freshest creative and cultural work of the near future.

Students: Artem Shchuyko Anna Seslavinskaya

Tutors: Dmitry Karpov Anton Yarusov

Model: Anna Maksimenko

Supervisors: Stepan Burlakov ( Arseny Vesnin ( Oleg Sharabanov


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