Alchemy OFFF 2012

Enjoy the Unofficial OFFF 2012 motion piece made in Moscow based British Higher School of Art and Design by students Artem Shchuyko and Anna Seslavinskaya.

Their tutor Dmitry Karpov released a brief "Take OFFF" Brief. The task was to create a visually reach short for OFFF 2012 event. We think about old alchemy culture, about making participation and interaction feel post-digital; making the tech less techy. We see this approach is reflected back in the freshest creative and cultural work of the near future.

Students: Artem Shchuyko Anna Seslavinskaya

Tutors: Dmitry Karpov Anton Yarusov

Model: Anna Maksimenko

Supervisors: Stepan Burlakov ( Arseny Vesnin ( Oleg Sharabanov


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