The Best 12 Music Videos of 2015 So Far

Welcome to the selection of the best creative music videos we've seen together on Designcollector this year. If you follow us for some time you may find that we give no shit to mainstream and select only things that inspire us more neither entertain. So please enjoy the list of music videos we enjoyed this year and be sure to check all other here



Sia – Elastic Heart

Director: Daniel Askill, Sia A dance performed by Shia LaBeof and Maddie Ziegler.



Equateur – Cheval Noir

Director: Kadavr Exquis



Siska – Unconditional Rebel

Director: Guillaume Panariello The 3.5-minute music video below was captured in a span of 5 seconds. When slowed down, those 5 seconds of real time turn into three-and-a-half minutes of slow-mo craziness. The song is “Unconditional Rebel” by Siska.



ALB – The Road

Director: Julien Lassort This full animation music video directed by Julien Lassort (Solab Production, motion by ELMO) for French band ALB is a complete immersion in a dark perpetually evolving world.



Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Director: Lorenzo Fonda “You can win this creature and we will send it to you anywhere in the world! ”



Röyksopp - I Had This Thing

Producer: Nathan Scherrer, Ian Blair



Alagoas – Ghosts

Director: DVEIN



Farao – Bodies

Director: Nina Knag, Ina Lerner Grevstad There’s nothing more depressing than places that used to be designated for fun which are now abandoned, exposed to decay and eternal loneliness. Amusement parks, for example. Or kindergartens. Or even bathrooms, or swimming pools where cheerful children used to laugh and splash. It’s this latter setting that Norwegian singer Farao has chosen for the video for “Bodies.” Starring two teen girls “Bodies” explores how strangely unsettling post-puberty can be—a maelstrom of conflicting, acutely felt emotions. Watch this and feel it all over again.”



The Wikisinger

Director: Vincent Rouffiac The Wikisinger sings the same song in different environments experimenting with natural reverb, early reflections and short delays.



Azel Phara – Green

Director: Bif Collective (Mill+)



M.I.A. – Borders

Director: M.I.A.

M.I.A. is back to support people in need. The self-directed clip sees her join a group of refugees as they climb wire fences, crowd on to tiny boats, and wade into the sea



Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

Director: CANADA “Directing collective CANADA has released a new video for Tame Impala’s latest single, The Less I Know The Better, taken from the band’s third album, Currents. At the centre of the story is a love triangle inspired by the song’s title and lyrics. But this is not your average high school love affair… it all swirls around a basketball player, his cheerleader sweetheart and the team’s apeman mascot, Trevor.”



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