The Acid - Ghost

The electro dream team The Acid returns with a surreal feast for senses

“Originally the inspiration came from a story I heard about Ray Charles being a huge Corvette fan,” says Petecia Le Fawnhawk, co-director of the latest release from transatlantic supergroup, The Acid. “I was overcome with awe as I stood in front of a 1967 Stingray, thinking of how it would be to discover such a magnificent creation through touch and the wonder of being born blind. I shared my idea with Eliot [Lee Hazel] who immediately had an emotional connection as his father was blind.” Set amidst stark Californian Dumont Dunes that evoke the backdrop of Salvador Dalí’s "La Femme Nue Dans Le Desert," the new video conjures up an appropriately surreal universe.

"Ghost" is taken from The Acid's 2014 debut album, Liminal, released on Infectious Music/Mute Records.

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Directed by Eliot Lee Hazel and Petecia Le Fawnhawk