Radiohead's "Creep" Reimagined in Plasticine

In a tiny dim studio, Brussels-based artist Olya Tsoraeva painstakingly created a mold of Thom Yorke’s face out of plasticine for her stop-motion film Plastic Crash, a work deeply rooted in Radiohead’s “Creep.” It took four months to get all of his features right, and an additional nine months to handcraft the animation. “I spent a year in darkness!” she tells The Creators Project.

“I wanted to give a new breath to this song because I still consider ‘Creep’ as one of the most beautiful songs,” says Tsoraeva. “I was really inspired by its music, especially by the lyrics.” The video begins with the definition of a perfectly-inelastic collision, a rare case when “two bodies stick together after impact," and then shows the singer's face surrounded by strange, intricate and colorful creatures that end up pulling him apart as the song builds.