Danton Eeprom - Kissing In Traffic

Does the world need another EP made for people to dance to at 3am? Probably not. Especially if you look at it the way Danton Eeprom does. “I like my club tunes, I make no bones about it, but my idea of a good dancefloor tune has evolved dramatically over the years to the point I can't be sure it makes any sense to anyone else but me anymore.” His new track Kissing in Traffic brings bouncing, EQ'd bass lines in and out of earshot while a gentle 120 bpm rhythm wiles away, accentuated by melodic top line hooks daydreaming through the tapestry. "Kissing In Traffic" is a postcard written and sent to himself the last time he visited that place so he could look at it when it all becomes a bit much; a true memento, and a genuine Souvenir.

Listen it now:

[audio mp3="http://designcollector.net/files/danton-eeprom-kissing-in-traffic.mp3"][/audio]

Or check the different version on Souvenir's Music label Soundcloud: