BECK - Where It's At by GMUNK

"While freelancing at SF's lovely Bot & Dolly (check BOX video), Munkowitz was tasked with creating some concert visuals for BECK's 2014 Coachella performance.. Luckily this execution was set to one of Munk's favorite Beck songs, the fan favorite Where It's At.. "

"The concept was to take high-density Op Art imagery and run them through an analog TV signal, where it was then attacked by an vicious pair of industrial magnets, rendering a very practical chromatic aberration that will hopefully leave one seeing psychedelic rainbows for a few minutes after viewing:"


"Ultra-talented cinematographer Joe Picard was down at Coachella capturing the beauty of the visuals during the big weekend.. Below are some select stills from that shoot - it's always a pleasure seeing the art put into context and also live, integrated and real-world scale:"