Designcollector Podcast 33 by Jealov

Jealov have been kind enough to put together an amazing mixtape especially for us here at Designcollector. For those of you who don’t know Jealov, they are a Belgian production outfit remixing and editing the likes of James Blake, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce in a beautifully experimental way.

We are Jealov. No idea what Jealov actually stands for... We make music that's part easy, part weird, part comforting, part discomforting, part beats, part guitar, part vocals, part samples. We play with visuals & photography, video & phantasy. Somewhere between here & now. Somewhere between one ear & the other. Basically we just wanted to mix some songs that really made our 2010. Not the newest or hottest tracks, just some stuff we like and had on repeat for days and months. Going from LA beat to UK step, from commercial hits to underground gems. Hope -- you like it! J.


TRACKLIST: 1. Sean Paul - TMPRTR (jealov remix) 2. Toro Y Moi - Fax Shadow (shlohmo remix) 3. Lil Wayne - A Milli (james blake harmonimix) 4. Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray (jealov edit) 5. Gonjasufi - Ancestors 6. Justin Timberlake - MY LOV (jealov remix) 7. Becoming Real - Fast Motion 8. Girl Unit - Wut 9. Jamie Woon - Night Air (deadboy remix) 10. edIT - Twenty Minutes 11. Shigeto - What We Held On To 12. Jealov - Fugue 13. Baths - Mecha Joy 14. James Blake - Limit To Your Love (jealov edit) 15. Beyoncé - N4UGHTY GIR1 (jealov remix) 16. Jai Paul - BTSTU 17. Jay Z - 99999 (jealov remix)

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