One of the best electronic light and projection mapping studios in the world (yes, literally), Russians - TUNDRA and SilaSveta collaborated together to produce an EPICENTER immersive installation to celebrate 7th Anniversary of ARMA17 in Moscow

"Each group created an installation that places the viewer in the “epicenter of borderless creativity.” Tundra’s piece, Halo, creates eerie scenes such as a lightning storm and a fire, playing with space and criss-crossing beams of light. A figure weaves in and out of the beams, getting closer and closer but ultimately disappearing into the darkness. The soundtrack consists of choral music overlaid with what sounds like either rain or a scorching forest." says The Creators Project


“Part1" and “Halo" by Tundra Sound: D-Pulse

"Phantom" by SilaSveta Sound: Monoleak

Technical support: Robe Lighting, Light Logic Special thanks: Mix Pro, ARMA17 Team As well as: Dmitry Znamensky, Ildar Yakubov, Egor Kraft, Bulat Sharipov Filming and editing: Evgeniy Arkhipov vimeo.com/tunddra robe.cz lightlogic.ru fb.com/silasveta fb.com/dpulseband fb.com/monoleakagency