Top 2015 Product Designs

Welcome to the selection of the best product design projects we’ve seen together on Designcollector this year



Hong Kong, China

bookniture BOOKNITURE is an extremely compact furniture. You can store it or carry it around just like a book. In just a flip, it unfolds from a book to a piece of multifunctional furniture.



Volvo Lifepaint

United Kingdom

volvolifepaint “As urban streets are increasingly shared between drivers and cyclists, road safety is more of an issue than ever before. In the UK, more than 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents every year. Many of these collisions take place in London, where the city’s often old, narrow streets make it difficult to accommodate both four-wheeled and two-wheeled drivers. Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is now addressing the problem with the introduction of its new product Life Paint, which just launched in London.”





halfbike Like an upstanding desk is a new way to express your vitality this Halfbike can be a solution for this life concept. Halfbike II designed by Kolelinio was available for pre-order on Kickstarter



Milk Bottle Lamp by Constantin Bolimond


mu-lamp-bolimond0 Emerging Russian industrial design talent Constantin Bolimond came up with a lamp design resembling a milk bottle. As a form follows famous Soviet milk bottle with a foil cap, it is recognisable abroad due to the fact almost everything in “soviet design” was adopted from outside.



Generative Fashion by Danit Peleg


danit-peleg-3d-fashion Danit Peleg: “In September 2014 I started working on my graduate collection for my Fashion Design degree at Shenkar. This year, I decided to work with 3D printing, which I barely knew anything about. I wanted to check if it’d be possible to create an entire garment using technology accessible to anyone. So I embarked on my 3D printing journey, without really knowing what the end result would be.”



Rhei, the liquid clocks

United States

rhei-clocks Rhei is a prototype of an electro-mechanical clock with a liquid display, and the result of a one-year long passion project, created by Damjan Stanković, executed in collaboration with Marko Pavlović and many other wonderful people



More Sky Window Concept

United States

moresky Architect and designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia, has created More Sky, a variety of window concepts that allow people living in apartments to experience more sunlight in a unique way.



ARXI by Konstantin Kofta


konstantin-kofta-ss16 “Known for his daring and unconventional leather-accessory design, Ukrainian fashion designer Konstantin Kofta has just released his latest collection of leather bags and clutches.. Bearing the title “ARXI”, Kofta’s SS16 collection takes the designer’s approach a step further, by incorporating and inspired by forms and imagery found in Baroque architecture.”



Ohhio. Super chunky knits by Anna Marinenko


ohhio-Anna-Marinenko Merely a year ago Anna, a Kiev-based handcrafting artist, was captivated by an unusual material that sparked an idea to knit a blanket with a supersized ties using hands instead of spokes. That’s how a Kikstarter’s success – Ohhio project started. By this time her project is baked 10 times more than she estimated leaving her a lot of evenings to create and dispatch the orders made by earlier supporters. With no doubts Anna shows us the way how a small idea become a great path in a life.





naturalist-izba-2015-0 “Naturalist” is a product design project initiated by IZBA Team – the Russian collective of talented designers, currently 15 in a row. The project was set up by curator Tatiana Kudryavtseva and product designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov, who set a brief for products that could re-introduce nature to urban apartments. The collection of 18 products ranged from hanging and wall-mounted planters, to furniture made using natural materials such as bark and marble.



Stay tuned for the Official Top 2015. Enjoy the previews here and Happy New Year!