Picar - Pedal-powered Morgan's Trike

The Ekomobil company of Minsk has created a pedal-powered replica of Morgan’s trike. Based on drawings of the very first racing models, the cunning Picar lives up to the classic’s riveted retro glory, with a wood veneer dash, leather trim and polished faux exhaust pipes emerging from cylinders of a faux engine.

Powered by your breakfast, the Picar’s chain drivetrain runs through a three-speed Shimano Nexus hub on the rear wheel. An optional battery pack powers an audio player, turn indicators and headlights. There’s even a human-electric hybrid version available, with a 1000-watt motor capable of pushing the car to a brisk 25mph. And rest assured, although a youthful outlook is required to drive the Picar, actual youth is not; the car’s single-seat cockpit easily accommodates drivers as tall as six feet.

via BBC