OFFF Barcelona 2015 Open Titles by Atelier

We are back! It's been a huge experience to visit the 15th OFFF Festival last week. We can't give you all emotions spread across the venue, so please save the link to book the Early Bird tickets for their next events. Meanwhile enjoy the film created by ATELIER Masmachos Team a visual arts scholarship created by OFFF to open new talents. They also did a "Finally Fucking Fifteen" campaign to celebrate the anniversary of the festival. Also you can be the next person to create next OFFF festival branding, just apply for Atelier Courses here

Strophe A man’s existence. This is how routine affects us; absorbs us from the inside until we get consumed by it and get comfortable with repetitive patterns and accept changes along the way. We present to you Atelier school’s Opening Titles for OFFF Barcelona 2015. A modern poetic internal monologue inspired by the Greek playwrights Euripides and Sophocles, the British philosopher Alan Watts and the American writer Henry Miller.