Melancholy Rooms by Anna Radchenko

"Anna Radchenko is one of the new exciting talented breed of Russian artists that are now using London as their creative base. Originally from Moscow, Anna creates visual works on human emotions and observations of the modern world, working with installations and photography." via

She "has brought the Melancholy Rooms to London; at the Hoxton gallery, she creates an ambient where worldwide cultural behaviours are exposed, leading the audience to see, hear, feel and ultimately think about these certain issues. The total installation, or mixed media art, is the first Anna has ever done in London and it is a breach of her own boundaries as an artist as she creates more than just images. The exhibition mixes her well-known photographic work with sculptures, installation, music and video." via



Since the project has started, I shot more than 40 different concepts/characters. of course, for the exhibition I have chosen the ones I liked the most and the strongest ones. All the “sculptural” items (body parts) were produced in Moscow by a team called Zolotaya Staya, the rest has all been sourced, produced and put together in London by an amazing team of professionals leaded by Frederica Hodgkinson.


The core of the exhibition consists of four room installations: mothers love: when it gets hard to breathe disorder: life from like to like consumerism: I consume therefore I exist information wars: what is true and what is fake