Megafaces Sochi - 1st Russian Cannes Lions Gran Prix

Cannes, France — Russia made history here tonight on 21th of June 2014, winning the Grand Prix in the Innovation Lions category for a telecom's installation at the Sochi Olympics that used sophisticated technology to let visitors take giant 3-D "selfies" on a board that acted like a huge pin screen.The so-called MegaFaces Pavilion, sponsored by MegaFon, consisted of 11,000 telescopic cylinders, each of which represented a pixel. As on a pin screen, the cylinders could extend to form the shape of the faces, and LED lights at the ends of the cylinders added the proper color and shading. The data for the 3-D faces was generated in 3-D photo booths inside the building.


It's the first Grand Prix ever won by by Russia at the Cannes Lions festival. The work is credited to Axis Moscow, IART Basel and Asif Khan Ltd in London.

via Adweek