Histibe - FOT3D

Contemporary electronic music producer Histibe is celebrating 2 years since release of his album "Take the Form (Rare Edition)" premiering new music video for track "FOT3D" that includes animation by experimental Dutch visual artist Siegfried Bekkers and logo design by respectable American graphic designer Joe Perez.

Forms Of The 3rd Dimension (stylized as "FOT3D") is a 3D animation video with "stream of consciousness" ideas, which takes a part of your mind into another dimension. The raw greenish style of textures fits perfectly to the "stream of consciousness” concept of the video. It’s not a real world. It’s a deep inner-world that reflects and generates images of the "other side” with various associations, experience and ideas that are incomplete and in the process of its creation. Its greenish color reflects the world of plants. Ideas are like plants: once an idea germinates in your mind, you can’t stop it. It has a will of its own. An idea only needs you to come to life, and once it has been born, it grows with its own logic. It doesn’t need you to exist anymore. You can’t stop ideas. Like music, ideas are free spirits, floating freely around us.