Digitizes Fabrics GEIST.XYZ by Zeitguised

Citing The Creators Project: Created by design and animation studio Zeitguised, it features algorithmic design in the style of fashion textiles. "We have a background in sculpture and fashion design, and wanted to make this design project for years. We felt that algorithmic design is underrepresented in fashion still, due to approaches that are either too nerdy or executions that don't work,” says Henrik Mauler of Zeitguised. "We wanted to change that, and bring more design thinking to making patterns with algorithms.” In combining digital art with fashion and textiles, geist.xyz exists in the realm of the hyperrealistic-unreal, and imagines a future in which the very clothes on our backs could be a digital canvas. "We also want to see these patterns being worn, and wear them ourselves—even if self-transforming textiles don't exist yet to the extent that we show,” says Mauler. "We just simply didn't want to wait for it."