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Conrad Jon Godly art

“When looking at Swiss painter Conrad Jon Godly’s mountainous paintings, it takes a moment to truly appreciate the incredible skill behind what seems to be such an effortless application of paint. Up close…


Andy Denzler

Fascinating paintings by Andy Denzler, who mixes painting with computer-generated-like treatment. His series of daily life portraits and attitudes are really stunning.


New York in Grand Canyon by Gus Petro

Lithuanian-born, Switzerland-based photographer Gus Petro took a trip to America in 2012, in search of something new, and made two contrasting stops—the Grand Canyon and New York City—that has inspired his three-part series…


Yuku Lutz Photography

Photographer and film maker, Yuky Lutz lives between Barcelona in Spain & Zurich in Switzerland. His talent and his technique skills are undeniable. Working with brands & agencies into advertising, he’s also a…


Nebula 12 – Indoor Weather Center

As it stated in subject Nebula 12 is an indoor lighting appliance that brings outside weather into our homes. Designed by Micasa LAB in Zurich, the revolutionary weather station predicts and recreates the…



PUTPUT is an interdisciplinary Swiss/Danish artist duo established in 2011 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Operating at the intersection where conceptual photography, styling, art and design meet


Victorine Müller Performing Inside Her Sculptures

At times called ‘performative sculpture’ Swiss artist Victorine Müller (more works) combines sculpture and performance art to intriguing effect. Her large but airy PVC sculptures stand ghost-like, glowing in the light and disappearing…



People say that a new era of virtual communications bred a new generation of people that may have all light forms of autism and can easily enjoy solitude. We can’t agree or disagree…



OKO is a puzzle video game. The goal is to reconstruct an image by stopping rotating circles cut out from this image. For each level, the animated pieces draw increasingly complex patterns. The…


Volvo Art Session

7 Chinese artists from our partners at NeochaEDGE portal were asked to recreate the visual image of Volvo Hybrid car within a 30+ square meter background canvas behind it. That was a live…


Designcollector Podcast 54 by Jokari

Jokari is a duo from Switzerland composed of Loïc Sottas and Vincent “Poney” Kolly. We asked guys to make a special midsummer mixtape!


Franca Moor

What a strong work from Franca Moor ! Her way to explore the boundaries of graphic design is totally unique, and a great source of freshness. A must see !


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