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Ran Beneli

Instagram artist Ran Beneli manipulates photographs to look like perfect minimal shots


Geffen Refaeli @DailyDoodleGram

In May 2012, Geffen Refaeli, freelance illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel, uploaded her very first @DailyDoodleGram on Instagram. The concept: select elements from different pictures appearing in her Instagram photo stream and combine…


Installations of Eyel Gever

Tel-Aviv’s artist Eyal Gever presents Sublime Moments exhibit where one may see the impact of pressure, gravity, chemical mixing, squeezing, explosions, drying, freezing, and so on.


Mini food by Shay Aaron

“Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron constructs incredible miniaturized food sculptures at 1:12 scale that look almost completely edible. You can see hundreds more photos on Flickr and he also makes miniature food jewelry…


Kiev Mini Look

Lovely tilt-shifted motion miniature telling the one-day story of Kiyv city Created by Efim Graboy & Daria Turetski Music: Adam Burns / Jez Burns – May Flowers


Noma Bar – negative space illustration

Born in Israel in 1973, Noma Bar is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in London. In his very personal way of working he executes complex ideas with a stunning and deceptive simplicity…


Dizengoff Square motion

Made by Liron Lousky & Gil Bliman. Final project, Department of Visual communication, Bezalel academy of art and design, Israel, 2011. A video response to a residents survey by Tel Aviv municipality about…

Yulia Gorodinski photography 2010

Talented self-portrait photographer Yulia Gorodinski has updated her portfolio with new images.

Yulia Gorodinski photography

Israel female photographer Yulia Gorodinski normally shoots self portraits in intriguing atmosphere and mood. Also she took a part in a contests for provocative American Apparel brand on Lookbook.

Avita Flit

Israeli illustrator based in Tel Aviv makes sensual pictures using colored paper and prismacolor pensils.
Израильская художница с помощью куска цветной бумаги и карандашей создает невероятно чувственные картины

Denis Zilber

Денис Зилбер талантливый рисовальщик и мультипликатор. Из-под его руки выходят персонажи с которыми хочется побеседовать о вечном и пропустить пару-тройку стаканчиков портвейна.

Denis Zilber creates amazing personages and animations and put them into illustrative worlds that make them have their own life.

Asher Craft

Портфолио Ашера Крафта отражает одновременно и дух времени и состояние самого автора. Фотокарточки подобраны так, что каждый сюжет в частности увлекателен, а в общей массе воссоздает эффект “витража”.
Talented photographer Asher Craft shows the life as a “stain-glass” and stops the moment in every part of it.


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