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Surreal photography by Mikael Aldo

Captivating photo manipulations (that are hard to distinguish) creates cold atmosphere of solitude following by the struggle with personal inner daemons. That’s what I see on portfolio of beautiful photographic images made by…


VW Beetle as a Sphere and Cube by Ichwan Noor at Hong Kong Art Basel 2013

Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor arrived at Art Basel Hong Kong with a sculpture that emphasizes the Beetles form to the extreme – a real 1953 Beetle transformed into a perfect sphere.


Garden Fresh by Agan Harahap

Indonesia-based photographer Agan Harahap made intriguing photography series titled Garden Fresh placing wild animals in supermarkets


Elfandiary Illustration Timelapse

Elfan is a gifted illustrator from Indonesia performs a video capture of a daily drawing. View his hand-drawings, mainly portraits, made with coloured pencils on paper on


Indonesia Time Lapses – A Life with the Volcanoes

Volcanoes of the ring of fire gave birth to the islands of Indonesia. They gave fertile soil and enabled civilisations but in their inside they are hiding a permanent danger. Geocollector :) presents…

Julius Bramanto photography

Jakarta based fashion and editorial photographer with a fresh and sleek sets Behance frame.

Heru Suryoko

Digital imaging artist based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Heru Suryoko великолепный рекламный фотограф, из довольно непривычного, для такого рода деятельности места. Живет и работает он в Индонезии, Джакарте. Его работы стали основой рекламных компаний таких компаний, как: Honda, Samsung, Fuji, Mrecedes, Rexona, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Dove, Clear и так далее.

Mario Wibisono

Beautiful illustrations from the artist Mario Wibisono

Красивые иллюстрации от художника Mario Wibisono

Tony Ariawan 2009

Talented illustrator from Indonesia was featured here once and this year he has updated his profile with new artworks that are worth to see.

Около года назад мы писали о работах талантливого иллюстратора из Индонезии – Tony Ariawan. В этом году Тони разместил свои новые работы на

Sajen jewellery

Марианна и Ричард Джакобс – американские дизайнеры. Многие годы их ювелирная линия Sajen развивает безошибочно современный стиль, основанный на наследии образов Индонезийской мифологии.
Marianna and Richard Jacobs are designers from USA. Over the years their jewelry line Sajen has developed to take on a style that is unmistakably contemporary, and yet, the designs remain rooted with a subtle ethnic character of Indonesia.

Studioshika | Mayumi Haryoto

Небольшая онлайн-галерея художницы и иллюстратора Майюми Хариото, из Джакарты, оставляет приятное впечатление.

Medium-weight online gallery of Jakarta based illustrator and artist Mayumi Haryoto is worth to see.

Tony Ariawan

Тони Ариаван один из немногих представителей индонезийской сцены графического дизайна. Отличное владение инструментом и талант цифрового художника дает почти ежедневный результат в виде новых графических работ. Обязательно загляните в профайл Тони на Бихансе.
Tony Ariawan very talented Indonesian designer shows off amazing creatives on his site and on Behance portfolio


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