Urban Cage

Taipei based designer Yi-Ting Chen , illustrator Ya Shin and photographer Chang Chieh created an awesome project where Asian aesthetics meets technology."In nowadays, urban living gradually can not live without technologies and automobiles, which accompany people for 24 hours just like two soul mates or pets. People hope to interact with others closer via Internet, however, the convenience of technology condenses the genuineness and cares from humans. "

In the past, there are two purpose of having The Cage, one is for admiring-use, to show the elegant movements and the sound of birds; the other is the symbol of society, representing the social level by having a delicate Cage. Deep inside their mind is their reliable consistency. Urbancage tries to represent the past innocent imagination of the society by comparing the phenomenon of over-using mobile phone in nowadays and the behavior of raising birds in the past.

To unite the cage and the mobile phone by penetrating the action of holding and placing the cage, so we can metaphor the automobiles to the birds in cage. Therefore, to connect the electronical bird with humanbeing via the technology of the application, creating a new life style and hbit by that