The Top 200 Posts of 2014

Welcome to The Top Pop Cream Of The Crop 2014! Enjoy 200+ Projects selected from 15 Different Categories covering mostly all Creative Industries you can imagine. Please don’t hesitate to share the post with your friends and followers! Stay tuned, we are going on the annual leave for a two weeks, meanwhile follow our non-stop Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram accounts!

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TOP 2014: Best on Instagram

It's been a huge year on our Instagram gaining extra 12K+ followers through the matter of a twelve months. As you may mention we are trying to credit each photo we post hence it is really hard. Most of the images come directly from our winning Tumblr account. Here is the top images from our Instagram so far


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TOP 2014: New Artist Names

dcntop2014-white That's been a huge year for Designcollector in terms of revealing new artist names and project that has hit 150+ posts in twelve months. We have selected 20 new names in figurative and contemporary art, please check the below and share the post

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We Go To The Gallery

Miriam Elia‘s new take on a 1960s Ladybird book. Peter, Jane and Mummy go to a gallery and learn about sex, death and contemporary art. we-go-to-the-gallery-0
With a love of intriguing narratives and in catching a contained but dramatic moment Mary Jane’s work draws influences from a multitude of inspirations, from classical portraiture to the world of haute couture and with an appreciation for a refined technique that invokes the past but with a resolutely modern viewpoint. maryjaneansell-0
Kiev-based young artist Nastya Ptichek has blown up media and internet with an artistic coverage of Edward's Hopper paintings through the eyes of modern communications and emojis. emoji-ptichek-0
Have not seen anything sexier than these gloss paint on paper semi-nudes looking very sultry. That’s the work and magic of UK artist Natasha Law (sister of Jude Law). natasha-law-0
Chloe Early is an Irish born, London based artist who uses her canvases to explore the contradictions between the romantic and the gritty. Chloe-Early-0
Artist Harding Meyer paints large-scale, expressive portraits that are fractured and fragmented with beautiful glitches harding-meyer-0
Russian artist Svetlana Petrova has become known for her online artwork of famous portraits featuring her big ginger cat Zarathustra. fatcatart
Mind-blowing photorealistic drawings of icebergs and sea waves made with soft pastel zaria-forman
His style is a mix of figurative with cubist-like marks by a palette knife. The relaxed figures break apart into geometrical gestures that imply their movement through the space. alex-kanevsky
Exploring the new artworks of Toronto-based artist Jen Mann jen-mann-0
New art by Erik Jones for his upcoming show, “Motion,” at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco features paintings that subsume the human figure in colourful abstract patterns erik-jones-1
Canadian hyper realistic artist Francois Chartier have a wonderful gallery of artworks Francois-Chartier
Gustavo Silva Nuñez is an astonishingly talented artist from Valencia, Venezuela, who paints people in water with meticulous accuracy. Gustavo-Silva-Nunez
An award-winning artist Matthew Quick is known for conceptual realism – that means stuff that looks like it actually is, but makes you think matthew-quick0
Italian figurative artist Beniamino Leone creates portraits of women with their eyes blossom in flowers beniamino-leone0
As stated on the website Kyle is inspired by our perception of, and our interaction with each other through visual identity. The combination of expression, eye contact, concealment, colour and texture makes for a varied involvement with each of his works. kyle-barnes
Daliah Ammar is a nineteen-year-old Palestinian-American artist based in Chicago. I personally enjoy her colour palette and an ability to depict deep emotions using dramatic lights and shadows on each portrait. daliah-ammar-0
The work of Anwen Keeling is defined by feminine beauty. It is a world of soft tones, gentle curves and reposed thought. Light plays across a form as a liquid element caressing and defining its own trajectory insensible to pattern and mood. The woman herself: young; beautiful; supple is defined by form. Anwen-Keeling
Talented watercolour painter and philosopher from Brazil, Marcos Beccari marcos-beccari-1
His work primarily features landscapes composed of sweets, often inhabited by human subjects. will-cotton-2014-2

Motion Graphics 2014 Mashup

Each year Designcollector Magazine reveals the cream of the top of creative industries. You can check the selection of Best Motion Design Projects featured on our blog later.Meanwhile enjoy the mashup of top motion pictures created by our friends from NORD Collective (Behance/Facebook). Full Video List

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Top 2014: Best Motion Design

dcntop2014-white We continue the series of the best posts on Designcollector for the year 2014. Here is our selection of the best creative motion picture projects posted through the year on our blog. Please enjoy the selection below!

BONUS: Check our epic Top Motion Graphics Mashup 2014 now!

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Walking the City

Universal Everything

Wes Anderson Centred



Simon Graham

Warm Up

Ruslan Khasanov

Jonnhy Express

Alfred Imageworks

Traveling Lights

We Think Things

New York Times "Modern Love"

Freddy Arenas

OFFFSPB Main Titles

The Mill

Kung Fury

David Sandberg


Greg Jardin

Food in 60 Seconds

Michael Roulier and Philippe Lhomme

My Big Brother

Jason Rayner

Inside Me

Dmitry Zakharov


Susi Sie


Fernando Lazzari

Paris / New York


Onward Internet

Alex Mapar

Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014


Air Surfing in New York

Raul X Mihai


Erik Wernquist

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