Famous Paintings recreated as Food Photography by Tatiana Shkondina

Leading Russian food- photographer and stylist Tatiana Shkondina recreates famous paintings with edible products that we use at kitchen on daily basis. Each photo required a lot of research in material and post-production that was made by Alex Tivanov

Wassily Kandinsky. Fruits and Berries

Pablo Picasso. Pasta and spices

Vincent Van Gogh. Peppers, lentils

Vincent Van Gogh. Wild rice, grapes, pasta, rice

Piet Mondrian. Watermelon, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate

Salvador Dali

Kazemir Malevich. Black caviar for Black Square

Gustav Klimt. Pasta and veggies

Hokusai. Salmon, rice and cha

Rene Magritte. Fruits and Veggies

Andy Warhol. Cabbages (in Russia "cabbage" means piles of banknotes)

Andy Warhol. Brussel Cabbage