Space & surface by Dopludo Collective

We spotted a nice projects made by Egor Kraft and Karina Eibatova who are together with Lesha Galkin share Dopludό Collective. They were commissioned by Sydney's shopping center and went to Australia to work on murals for their new stores. The way they explore and use the Space metaphors in their work made us to post another (and this time a motion) piece by Egor Kraft - "Beyond The Surface".

"Beyond The Surface" by Egor Kraft

"The video is a visual metaphor of existential freedom, predominance of essence over existence, and conditionality of boundaries it also has a sculptural dimension related to the evolution of form. The space as a black absolute presented as an allegory of authentic freedom as well as the narrative links to the discourse of how the consciousness and existence are related to each other."

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