Russian Art get Simpsonised by BHSAD Students

If you have a good sense of humour and a perfect visual memory than we got something for you. Moscow based High School of Art and Design (BHSAD) has a dozen of "kickass" tutors like Dmitry Karpov that squeeze students brain till the last drop of creativity. Physically and mentally. This time students got a brief to make a satire on famous Russian Art masterpieces. So, voila, Russian Art got Simpsonised what can be seen as a metaphor to current political situation. But truth is in eyes of beholder, so don't get it wrong - just smile :)

P.s. You might remember our collaboration with Dmitry's student at BHSAD

1. Let's start with Petrov-Vodkin simpsonised by Evgenia Chur Petrov-Vodkin by Eugenia Chur

2. Alexander Andreeyvich Ivanov meets Maria Galukha to get simpsonised Alexander Ivanov vs Maria Galukha

3. Ivan Kramskoj simpsonised by Egor Abaturov Ivan Kramskoj vs Egor Abaturov

4. Viktor Vasnecov vs Anton Chalov bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-5

5. Viktor Vasnecov vs Katya Kovalenko bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-6

6. Pavel Fedotov vs Alexey Golovanov bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-7

7. Pavel Fedotov vs. Elena Khoroshiltseva bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-8

8. Kazimir Malevich vs. Misha Golev bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-9

9. Mikhail Vrubel vs. Misha Golev bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-10

11. Fedor Pavlovich Reshetnikov vs Alexander R bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-11

12. Fedor Pavlovich Reshetnikov (same as previous) vs. Azamat Ivanov bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-12

13. Vasilii Vladimirovich Pukirev vs Andrey Kolmakov bhsad-karpov-simpsonised-13

14. Ivan Bilibin vs Vladislav Poliakov


BSHAD tutor Dmitry Karpov also shared other untagged works, please be patient we will find the authors of Simpsonisation asap:

Viktor Vasnecov

Vasilii Perov

Vasilii Perov

Valentin Serov

Alexander Deyneka