iPhone 6 - An edgy concept

The fake design concepts is a rare thing that can float our boat but this one is really good. I personally liked the idea with using Nobel prized Graphene yet-not-a-material to level down the environment issues. Check the iPhone 6 concept made by Johnny Plaid

With the release of iPhone 5, Apple made it clear that user comfort was far more important to them than screen size. Whether you agree with their philosophy or not, I set out to increase not only the height of the display, but the width as well while still following Apple's design and usability requirements. The iPhone 6 concept maintains the exact physical dimensions of the iPhone 5 but the display has been increased from 640 x 1136 to 754 x 1296.





View full concept on www.behance.net/gallery/iPhone-6-An-edgy-concept/7617209