Fontƒirma inspiration set 5

New set of inspirational 2011 fontfirma Free fonts and Typography work.

Typography package: "Illecal Burger" Artist: The Metric System

Typography print: "Wallpaper* Magazine" Artist: Andrew Townsend

Typography printed: "Colle + McVoy All-Set Card Set" Artist: Colle + McVoy

Typography illustrations: "Various work" Artist: Michal Sycz

Typography package: "Lega-Lega T-shirts" Artist: MIT

Typography illustration: "Goofy x type treatments" Artist: Karol Gadzala

Typography: "Summer streets" Artist: Chris LaBrooy

Free Typeface: "Tetra" Artist: Fontfirma

Typeface: "Pluto" Made by HVD Fonts

Free Typeface: "Eclectic" Artist: Fabian De Lange