Open Titles for OFFF Mexico 2014 by Héctor Ayuso

For the first time in 14 years, OFFF director Héctor Ayuso directs OFFF Mexico Open Titles in collaboration with Barcelona based Outro Studio. All those moving images that we receive once we close our eyes or daydream are images that we have captured all along our life. They are part of our life and a reason to turn on our creativity. Without the audience and the team, OFFF Festival wouldn't have been completed.Shot with a dragon red 6K, this short film showcases Héctor's interest in Carl Gustav Jung’s analysis and studies on dreams and the subconscious and the important meaning behind them.






#OFFFSPB Main Titles by The Mill

This weekend we've experienced the first ever Russian OFFF on Tour in St.Petersburg - #OFFFSPB baked by IKRA School and a lot of partners worth to see on official website. Same time Designcollector was happy to held an exhibition of The Digital Decade winners and enjoyed the whole festival including the exclusive preview of the Official OFFFSPB Main Titles created and presented by The Mill magicians. Please enjoy it below and stay tuned with the next OFFF happening around you.

According to "the behind the scenes" the whole video is made using motion capture from professional dancers, watercolour and oil suspensions reactions and etc. Analog vs digital.








The Digital Decade winners at #OFFFSPB

We are proud to present you the winners of The Digital Decade II competition. This is the 2nd year when we are doing it together with our friends and partners at Depositphotos and OFFF Festival. If the last year we exhibited the best work in Barcelona, this year we are lucky enough to set it in our native city - Saint Petersburg.

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The Poool: OFFF founder Héctor Ayuso calls for a creative revolution

The Poool is a dynamic project brought to you by OFFF (Buy tickets now! Spend awesome 15-16-17 of May) that changes every year; offering exclusive elements, interviews and features by the most talented beings out there. The magazine this year will be taken on a personal level, a piece that the Poool Team hope to offer to people as something that they want to keep forever. Packed with interviews with Casey Neistat, Patrick Clair and Oliver Jeffers and features by Studio Blup, Bartholot, Conrad Roset and many more. The magazine’s cover will be designed exclusively by Si Scott and will come with a poster designed by Noelia Lozano.

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Read Computer Arts' Julia Sagar speaks to the organisers of Barcelona's biggest design fiesta as they launch The Poool website.



Bam! OFFF 2014 Teaser

"The wait is over ladies and gentleman, OFFF 2014 teaser is finally here! We know you're excited to see what OFFF has for you this year, so Atelier's 2014 students aka Lorem Ipsum had fun teasing you a little bit more. You can now watch it here and plan your schedule because our OFFF 2014 schedule is up! So, get ready and buy your tickets for one of the most exciting Festivals of the year!"