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Plakhova Tatiana

Antrum Installation by Matrioshka

Antrum Spatio-Graphical Interactive Installation looks like a grotto of the membrane, the surface of which is inhabited by strange creatures. It’s complex structure causes association with living creatures, space objects and architectural constructions….


Behance Russia Inspiration set 78

Designcollector as an Official Behance Network Ambassador, presents a new set of 18 hand-picked projects from Russian group on Behance Creative Network


Noosphere by Tatiana Plakhova

Moscow based illustrator and complexity graphics explorer Tatiana Plakhova creates her epic artworks mostly by manual vector graphics rarely using processing and computed art. You might seen her works on Behance now please…


Information diving by Tatiana Plakhova

Unique Russian illustrator Tatiana Plakhova uses no processing scripts for her illustrations. She recently released a new portion of artworks that is available for sale.


Designcollector 2010 TOP 100

2010 Top 100

Tatiana Plakhova complexity graphics

Moscow based digital artist Tatiana Plakhova visualizes complex artworks but without using generated or programmed art. She creates everything by hand and develops experience in complexity graphics day by day. Among website featuring from all over the world she will take a part in our 4th book “Russian Illustration WOW 4!” (meanwhile you can buy the first and the second books from Blurb).
Visit Tatiana’s portfolio on Cargo, Behance, DesignTaxi or Flickr or buy her artworks from newly opened The Bazaar


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