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Loginoff Dima

Dima Loginoff Design 2012

One of the leading product designer of Russia Dima Loginoff has updated personal website. This year he was awarded by iF and Red Dot for ceramic Tiles made for Vitra brand. His portfolio…

Dima Loginoff – Curl lamp

New work from Russian product designer Dima Loginoff – Curl lamp. It has been exhibited at Milan design week this year. Dima is a rare Russian that has final design products for sale.

Dima Loginoff 2009

Dima Loginoff was born in 1977 in Moscow. Being a professional hair stylist, he has always been very enthusiastic about multimedia and interior designs, photography and drawing. Dima has graduated the International Design School in Moscow and the British school RHODEC majoring in interior design. In 2006, Dima Loginoff won the Best Designer award for an interior object at the Design Debut competition, and scooped the Grand Prix for his Brushwood carpet at the same competition in Saint Petersburg in 2007. Today the AVANT gallery in Miami is presented Brushwood rug in it’s gallery. In 2009 Dima Loginoff was announced as a Second prize winner at INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS 2008 (iDA) (Los Angeles, CA , USA) in Home Interior Products for Curl my light lamp.
This time he presents his new piece of furniture – Wild Etiquette Lounge.

Вы уже знакомы с работами российского дизайнера Димы Логинова, в этот раз он представляет свою новую работу – Wild Etiquette Lounge.

Dima Loginoff

Приятное открытие преподнес нам блог Fubiz – портфолио Димы Логинова. Дима, состоявшийся дизайнер, автор нескольких интерьерных проектов, но большую популярность и признания жюри дизайнерских конкурсов получил за объекты, созданные для повседневной жизни.

Recently spotted on Fubiz blog, portfolio of Russian designer Dima Loginoff won’t pass our screens. Award-winning product design and interiors projects are presented on his site.


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