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Suggested Pledges:

10$  - Video Promotion

With this reward you can submit your motion or music video to sidekick project on and later direct video URL is shared on  Facebook and Twitter  as well as featured on our Vimeo Top Channel 

15$ - Public Post

With this reward you can showcase the best of your projects on a Public Section of Designcollector Website. Perfect for design projects, graphic design promotion, illustration, music or motion video cases. Your post automatically get exposure on Facebook and Twitter with overall audience more than 250K as well as stays in top header of Designcollector's Frontpage

P.s. In case of video promotion it can include everything from Video Pledge above (for example a Motion Video case with images, links etc)

50$ - Full Post

Get on Designcollector! Want to join merely 15yrs old creative blog? It is your opportunity to post your new projects, case studies, music videos, motion designs, kickstarters on the oldest and respectful design media. Your post settles on Frontpage then shared on FacebookTwitter and even Pinterest

Instagram posts?

We are not doing paid posts on @designcollector and @artfrontrow, but if you think it worth of it, please contact us in this case.

Art Events/ Artist Promotion

Recently we started a new flow on Instagram - The Art Frontrow and together with Designcollector public force we welcome Artists and Art Institutions to promote their works or events with us. Just submit your event or art for consideration below, for sure you can use paid pledge to move fast forward with submission queue.

You pay after we review a submission!

Or simply donate :)