Flakonkishochki feat Mumiy Troll

Inspired by wild nature and asian flow, full off anarchistic ideas and surrealism – the collaboration of the legendary Russian band Mumiy Troll and the absurdist artist Andrey Flakonkishochkithat's a trilogy (previously).

3. Dolls


2. Moshka


1. Kazhetsya


Glitch Sound Artist VTOL

This post can be a perfect one to start your Monday, glitchy and experimental in some way. Thanks to B∞M, now we know Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov aka VTOL. Dmitry explores the medium of electronics in his work, using everything from barcodes to robotics to generate glitch visuals and abstract sounds. Below is a selection of his works:

http://vimeo.com/116637895 "An installation that features twelve robotic arms with speakers, which can be conducted by a participant through the gestures of their hands."

http://vimeo.com/89323190 "A device that is held above the arm that reads any tattoo markings to translate into electronic sounds."

http://vimeo.com/94968198 Turbp-Gusli - "an instrument that can be controlled using an EEG brain-reading headset."

http://vimeo.com/82575565 "Installation piece that reads a digital barcode and prints a unique postcard from that information."

Have a glitchy Monday

D-Pulse - Astronomers

D-Pulse is an Saint-Petersburg based live-electronic music trio, coming originally from Izhevsk city, Russia.For the past few years D-Pulse has released their music on such established labels as Island, Tirk, OM, Theomatic and Teardrop.

Influenced by French and Scandinavian electronic music scene, they found their own approach in balancing on the edge of very different music genres, experimenting with combining live recording sessions full of analogue synthesizers, guitars, drum machines with sampling, cutting and processing their own material. From the very beginning D-Pulse is a ragbag of different styles and individual music tastes, but the real effect their music has during their audio-visual live shows.The band is already has the status of most vivid live electronic music act in Russia.

Check their new album Consequenced on iTunes

Video recorded live using VOID installation designed by Russian The Tundra group


Nadia Kodes - the New Russian Vocal

The rising voice of Russian underground pop music: Saint-Petersburg-based Nadia Kodes gained audience attention when she won Sprite Sound competition and got a free ticket to create a music video with a talented Moscovian studio FIRMA. Today Nadia nearly hit the estimated budget in a crowdfunding campaign for her new album “Metro/The Underground" (Russian/English). Hence the Boomstarter website is available only in Russian but you can check her website for more details about the artist and donation.


Available on iTunes

Nadia Kodes Music

Nadia Kodes Music

The sensible version is that Nadia is a singer/songwriter and pianist from Saint Petersburg in Russia. She is twenty-something years old and speaks English fluently. The real version is that through trying a large number of jobs she has gained a wealth of experience to assist her in her song-writing. These jobs have included performing as a clown at children’s parties and acting, for a short period, as a translator for Russian live nude models on the internet, and have made her the woman she is today.

Nadia Kodes Music

Nadia Kodes Music

Nadia Kodes Music

Nadia Kodes Music

Having hitch-hiked around Europe, including Spain and Italy, she considers herself to be an internationalist. This is emphasised by the facts that she has won singing and song-writing competitions in her native Russia, is signed to a record label in the USA, has recently signed to a management company based in the UK and has performed on the streets and in the clubs of many European cities. Nadia’s songs and vocals have been influenced by the likes of Avril Lavigne and her sound has been compared to Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga




Support Nadia's "Metro" album on Boomstarter

Follow her on Facebook / Soundcloud / Youtube / VK

SBPCh - Nelzya Skazat Koroche

Russian psychedelic electronic band SBPCH (new album) has teamed up with director Pavel Samokhvalov for a wild 3D ping pong experiment. Filled with bouncing emoji’s, golden statues and a lot of magenta, this film was made little to no budget. Samokhvalov: “Everyone worked on the idea - my friend Andrey Artemov, designer of Walk Of Shame, was a costume designer, Liza Serpova is a model who came straight from London just to run in front of the camera, Dima Pustovoytov made a 3D pearl sea and the editor Max Kolodiets managed to get inside my mind and organize all the chaos there.” via Dazed

Bergen Kremer - Groza by Stereotactic

Debut documentary music video from Moscow based leading motion design and video production studio Stereotactic. Another leading magazine Daxed & Confused did a nice article about the independent Moscow film collective telling a different story of Russia. Must read here and watch the film below. Slide down to the roots of Man Ray works baked in Soviet aesthetics.







Musicollector Label debuts with Overbolds

[box]We are happy to announce the first debut track released on our brand new Musicollector Label![/box] Musicollector Label started to collaborate with uprising music composers from Russia and abroad. Debut artist is Overbolds with his heavy electronic composition "Revolver". Overbolds stays for Saint-Petersburg based musician and designer Fill Ryabchikov.

Fill started his music career as a singer and guitar hero of a self maintained band "Synfonics" playing garage rock'n'roll in local bars and pubs. They even released a long play mixtape for Designcollector Podcast #18. Later Fill continued experimenting with electronics, synth wave, dubstep and everything in-between. After a few strong and good tracks we asked Fill to come up with a new mixtape for Designcollector and got his extended mix ready for the dance floor. Worth to mention our collaboration with Fill as a designer, presented on his personal portfolio.

[box]For Musicollector label debut we selected his recent track "Revolver". The track features heavy electronic passages spiced with nice and unusual, hence speedy, rhythms. Also we liked the deep depressions in the middle of composition rising with space rock motives.[/box]

Feel free to purchase the track and help Fill to upgrade his Soundcloud Pro sooner than later!