Kedr Livanskiy - Sgoraet

Just in time of preparing Top Music Tracks of 2015 I found this Russian gem (thanks to Gorilla vs Bear early annual rating). Russian female composer and singer Kedr Livanskiy (English: "Lebanese Cedar") is inspired by Autechre, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, but with the lyrics and mood of Mazzy Star in her young age. No doubts she is my favourite finding now.

"The sinister synths in "Sgoraet" (English: "Burning Down") are inspired by the otherworldliness of Russian winter; Russia in winter is a terrible thing, but it also has a strange romantic presence to it. The drum and bass coda emulates the feeling of impending death and transition to another state when winter is over one's shoulder.

More from Kedr:

Flakonkishochki feat Mumiy Troll

Inspired by wild nature and asian flow, full off anarchistic ideas and surrealism – the collaboration of the legendary Russian band Mumiy Troll and the absurdist artist Andrey Flakonkishochkithat's a trilogy (previously).

3. Dolls

2. Moshka

1. Kazhetsya

Mujuice - The War is Over

To commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the WWI ending, Google Russia invited 7 talented Russian artists and musicians to rethink the archive of the letters of war (this reminds me and probably was inspired by a nice British project called Letters of Note). The website and letters are available only on Russian That's why we share the musical piece created by electronic composer Roma Litvinov known a Mujuice. While working with one of the war letter he decided to go with a beat build on Morse code. The phrase "War is Over" was encoded and reprocessed through the music while Roma performed with a reading of the letter.

Track concept on Russian (you can use translated captions on it)

Glitch Sound Artist VTOL

This post can be a perfect one to start your Monday, glitchy and experimental in some way. Thanks to B∞M, now we know Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov aka VTOL. Dmitry explores the medium of electronics in his work, using everything from barcodes to robotics to generate glitch visuals and abstract sounds. Below is a selection of his works: "An installation that features twelve robotic arms with speakers, which can be conducted by a participant through the gestures of their hands." "A device that is held above the arm that reads any tattoo markings to translate into electronic sounds." Turbp-Gusli - "an instrument that can be controlled using an EEG brain-reading headset." "Installation piece that reads a digital barcode and prints a unique postcard from that information."

Have a glitchy Monday