Glitch Sound Artist VTOL

This post can be a perfect one to start your Monday, glitchy and experimental in some way. Thanks to B∞M, now we know Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov aka VTOL. Dmitry explores the medium of electronics in his work, using everything from barcodes to robotics to generate glitch visuals and abstract sounds. Below is a selection of his works: "An installation that features twelve robotic arms with speakers, which can be conducted by a participant through the gestures of their hands." "A device that is held above the arm that reads any tattoo markings to translate into electronic sounds." Turbp-Gusli - "an instrument that can be controlled using an EEG brain-reading headset." "Installation piece that reads a digital barcode and prints a unique postcard from that information."

Have a glitchy Monday

Spoon - Inside Out

Official video for Spoon's new song, Inside Out featured in the album They Want My Soul. The idea of this piece wanders around the concept of hacked memories, to achieve this effect Mau Morgo experimented with digital image errors and glitches, as if someone was manipulating our brain making us forget and imagine new impossible scenarios.