AIAIAI "Real Booty Music"

It's totally nonsense and Friday post. We like AIAIAI products, electronic arts and well .. dancing too. Here is the clue to see them all together.The project acts as a collaboration with designers OWOW, as Twerk Queen Louise was utilized as the “instrument,” in which the booty drum recorder (one located on each cheek) captured the movements. And thus, “Cascavel” was born, a new tune to shake your ass to, made by literal ass shaking -

Plurabell - Our Fires

"In addition to pixel art and frame by frame animation, graphics in this video are based on various influences. The main ones arise from the underground manga, especially Maruo Suehiro’s “ero-guro” or erotic-grotesque style (to name one), that mixes both horror and erotic genres. Human passions such as love and violence become exacerbated to their climax, making the man look like a crazy and decadent animal, the whole thing taking the form of a macabre poetry." via

Plurabelle - Our Fires (edit by Mattis Dovier) Drawings, animation and editing by Mattis Dovier Produced by Stellar Kinematics





Nosaj Thing - Eclipse/Blue

With support from The Creators Project, and collaborating with Perfume choreographer MIKIKO, artist Daito Manabe created a dynamic virtual environment to serve as the backdrop for two dancers whose movements across the stage are amplified by the graphics behind them, making each action feel larger and more emotive. You can read full interview with Manabe and Nosaj Thing on The Creators Project website

Real Electronic Music

Tokyo-based Daito Manabe has created a music video that visualises each beat through electro-shocked muscle movements.For the track Straight and Arrow by New York artist Falty DL, the Japanese digital artist used tailored-made electronic devices to stimulate the muscle movements of participants in line to the music.

Attaching the devices to the arms and hands of the 40 involved, Daito was able to visualize the music through the bodies of the participants: involuntarily jerking and pulsing their arms, hands and fingers with each beat.

Read more on Protein OS

TKOL RMX 1234567

Tom Buch just finished design concept for the remix compilation of Radiohead's 'The King of Limbs'. Concept album artwork for TKOL RMX 1234567. A compilation of remixes from Radiohead’s latest album The King of Limbs. The music is extremely experimental, atmospheric and surreal. Not always to my taste but an incredible starting point for artwork. It’s detailed and raw, to me it often feels nightmarish. I really enjoyed trying to depict the sound. If you want a taste of just how dark this album gets, try the first 30 secs of track at the end of the project. A remix of ‘Bloom’ by Blawan.