AIAIAI "Real Booty Music"

It's totally nonsense and Friday post. We like AIAIAI products, electronic arts and well .. dancing too. Here is the clue to see them all together.The project acts as a collaboration with designers OWOW, as Twerk Queen Louise was utilized as the “instrument,” in which the booty drum recorder (one located on each cheek) captured the movements. And thus, “Cascavel” was born, a new tune to shake your ass to, made by literal ass shaking -

Marion Cotillard Makes Music With Metronomy Frontman

Marion Cotillard has returned to the recording studio with Metronomy frontman Joseph Mount and Villaine to produce a gorgeous new track, ‘Snapshot in LA’. In collaboration with i-D and Dior. "Enter The Game" sees Marion reclining by the pool decked out in Dior’s autumn/winter 14 collections, her silky vocals accompanied by a soft acoustic guitar melody which gives way to a more atmospheric electronic sound.


The Bravest Man in Universe

Google Mobile Chrome exploring the cutting edge of creativity and technologies and together with a musician Bobby Womack, his label XL Recordings and digital agency B-Reel created an interactive music video for the song "The Bravest Man in Universe". Worth to mention it works only in Chrome for Mobile by hitting the address

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