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Thom Puckey

One of the leading contemporary sculptor Thom Puckey released few new provocative works in 2013. The most of his marble objects are the individual female figures, young and completely or partially nude, are…


Art of Peter Brooke-Ball

Peter’s sculptures are sensual and beautiful objects that demand to be stroked and handled. With his latest series he creates cognitive dissonance where the material changes its nature by the will of the…


Thomas Lerooy

Thomas Lerooy (gallery link) was born in Roeselare, Belgium in 1981 and now lives and works in Brussels. Each work evokes metaphysical questions as the artist offers his richly ironic explorations of such…


Ceramic sculptures by Beccy Ridsdel

Beccy Ridsdel shows exactly what I thought ceramic plates are hiding from our eyes – the beautiful inner organ layer. Using surgery metaphor Beccy explores the perception of ceramics as craft of art.


Installations by Janet Echelman

From San Francisco to New York City, Amsterdam to Sydney, and India to Portugal, Janet Echelman has been captivating thousands with her public art installations that awe and inspire. Echelman’s urban sculptures span…


Sunlight Pills by Vaulot and Dyevre

Some instant summer anyone? I’ll take a box of it! “Sunlight Pills” created by Vaulot and Dyevre contains the sunshine from Borabora to the Maldives, Haiti and the Bahamas is available as a…


New Flexible Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo

Currently on view at Klein Sun Gallery in New York, artist Li Hongbo (previously) has an exhibition of new and old work titled Tools of Study. Hongbo is known for his unconventional figurative…


Plastic Infinite

Plastic Infinite is a 7-inch animated picture disc by UK-based duo Sculpture made to accompany a new track by the same name. Created like a zoetrope, the disc animates when played under a…


Joel Morrison

Los Angeles-based artist Joel Morrison presents a new body of stainless steel assemblages. An unwavering conceptual framework is fused with everyday objects and encased in seamlessly refined exteriors. Through flawless surfaces and impeccable…


Ceramic sculptures by Brett Kern

“Artist Brett Kern creates detailed ceramic objects that at first appear almost indistinguishable from inexpensive inflatable toys. Kern mimics the tell-tale wrinkles and forms of air-filled toys like dinosaurs, astronauts, balloons, and even…


The Best Art of 2013

We are happy to present you the set of Art Top lists of the year 2013 in Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and Performing creative industries. Please seat back and enjoy forty selected posts from…


Hercules XIII tablet stand by Scott Eaton

You might have seen recent buzz about Lady Gaga’s life-size sculpture made in collaboration of Scott Eaton and Jeff Koons. Creepy but that’s pop culture. Let’s switch to the latest work of Scott…


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