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ReDiscovery: An Art Show Inspired by Daft Punk

Gauntlet Gallery is proud to present “ReDiscovery”, an art show inspired by the French electronic music duo Daft Punk. To celebrate the release of Daft Punk’s first album in eight years, Gauntlet Gallery…


Back to the Future by Alex Varanese

“I’ve explored that idea in this series by re-imagining four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in 1977: an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld video…



Felipevsky aka Felipe Vargas Lübbert – Santiago based chilean design student has something to show you.


The Bravest Man in Universe

Google Mobile Chrome exploring the cutting edge of creativity and technologies and together with a musician Bobby Womack, his label XL Recordings and digital agency B-Reel created an interactive music video for the…


Marius Roosendaal

Marius Roosendaal decided to Make Something Cool Every Day. So he run up a graphic design exercises daily and sum up them on his personal project MSCED. Thumbs up for his visual games


Etienne Chaize digital art

Etienne Chaize digital art mixes all current trend with focus on retro futurism.


Derezzed – Daft Punk by Arnaud Faure

Fan music video for Daft Punk “Derezzed” created by Arnaud Faure


Kilian Eng

Sweden illustrator and graphic artist Kilian Eng on the Behance Network.



Awesome illustrator and graphic artist Nook with a high level profile drawing mostly for editorial and self initiated projects when is not booked what is rarely happen.


Dan McPharlin

You might already see Dan McPharlin‘s illustrations here and there on internet, without knowing who created the beautiful retro-futuristic pieces you enjoyed. Now you know who is the master behind those incredible surreal…

Tron: Poster trilogy by James White

We spotted awesome Tron posters trilogy made by famous illustrator James White (Signalnoise).

Audi Russia Calendar 2011 by Roma Erohnovich

This awesome retro-futuristic Audi Russia Calendar was made by Roma Ehnorovich (for Rore : Leo Burnett Group Russia). Check what authors says about his work:
“People always try to dip deep into the future, but often these attempts looked naive and ridiculous years later.
Fantastic architecture, futuristic technical stuff from illustrations of the past often still be a fantasy of an artist and could not be translated.
For a contrast, Audi designs future unmistakable. This calendar is like the creation of Audi engineers of the past, who fantasized what the world could be and predicted modern models of Audi cars in the unreal futuristic scenery.”


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