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Ash Thorp

Known for us by a collaboration done for OFFF 2015 festival, Ash Thorp (Instagram) is an artist and creative director of LOST BOY. He works mainly in motion video industry and leads an…


Fine Line by Alex Trochut

The series Fine Line created by Alex Trochut is an evolution from Binary Prints, but in this case instead of light triggering the transformation of the images, uses movement and the point of…


Glitch Textiles

“Every day we are surrounded by data generated by our presence in environments saturated with digital technologies and touch screens. Glitch Textiles, a textile design label originated by Brooklyn-based graphic artist Phillip David…


Lost in Infinity Split by Alex Markow

For “Lost in Infinity Split,” photographer Alex Markow photographed models painted by Magnus Sodamin in fluorescent paint and camouflaged in a floor-to-ceiling black light-lit installation covering 3,000 square-feet of gallery walls.


The One – Polygonal Backpack with changing surface

The One backpack is the first ever backpack with customisable outer Shell. Created by Ukrainian designer Ivan Zhurba the One Backpack is fully handcrafted with finest Italian black leather. The One Backpack has…


Hyper Real Space Art by Damian Loeb

It’s hard to believe but this space artworks are made of oil on canvas by talented hyper-realism artist Damian Loeb (previously)


Polymorphism by David McLeod

New York based art director David McLeod (Instagram) released a personal project exploring Polymorphism in motion


Tiny Pantone Objects by Inka Mathew

A personal project of tiny proportion—matching small everyday objects to their Pantone® Matching System colors, by designer Inka Mathew (Instagram). All pictures were taken with her iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed. She…


Procedural Catwalk CGI by Danil Krivoruchko

Talented designer working in NYC at CHRLX – Danil Krivoruchko (previously) has a very little spare time (as most of talented artists of our time) spending it between his adorable twins and family…


Virtual Depictions: San Francisco

“Virtual Depictions:San Francisco” is a public art project by media artist Refik Anadol (previously) consist of series of parametric data sculptures that tell the story of the city and people around us within…


Liquid Mountains by Dave Sandford

International award-winning photographer Dave Sandford (Instagram) shares his latest photography affair with the ocean.


New York City: Wait or Run

“The typical New Yorker seems to never be strolling. Whether it’s 5am or the middle of the night, the New Yorker rushes and dashes through the city. And even when he wants to…

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all-day TOCA ME 2016
TOCA ME 2016
Feb 20 all-day
Since 2003 TOCA ME design conference brings together some of the most outstanding designers from all over the world. They present their artworks ranging from the fields of graphic and web design to...
all-day OFFSET Dublin 2016
OFFSET Dublin 2016
Apr 8 – Apr 10 all-day
OFFSET Dublin 2016 @ OFFSET
With over 2,500 attendees each year, OFFSET has fast become one of the world’s most inspirational, educational and vocational conferences for the design and creative industries. Since 2009, from our Dublin base, we...

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