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BOOKNITURE is an extremely compact furniture. You can store it or carry it around just like a book. In just a flip, it unfolds from a book to a piece of multifunctional furniture….


Interior of Beef&Liberty Hong Kong bar

Beef&Liberty is a gourmet burger joint and delicious restaurant based in the heart of revolutionary Hong Kong. Design by Japanese architects at Spinoff spiced with murals created by Cyrcle team, bar is definitely…


Joyce Wang’s Hong Kong Restaurant Named World’s Best Interior of 2014

“At the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, Joyce Wang‘s MOTT32 bar and restaurant in Hong Kong was officially named the best interior space of 2014. Located in a former storage facility, which reportedly…


VW Beetle as a Sphere and Cube by Ichwan Noor at Hong Kong Art Basel 2013

Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor arrived at Art Basel Hong Kong with a sculpture that emphasizes the Beetles form to the extreme – a real 1953 Beetle transformed into a perfect sphere.


2D Honkey Kong by Chirstian Aslund

Swedish photographer Christian Åslund shot this Jim Rickey advertising campaign as a “tribute to classic 2D platform games and integrate the person with the street scenes”. Called ‘Honkey Kong’, Åslund shot these photos…


He Wears It by John Woo

Hong Kong based artist John Woo aka Wooszoo imagined the superheroes doing a pret-a-porter catwalk dressed by famous designers. Artworks made by watercolours are available as prints on his Etsy web store


Peony Yip

Check out fantastic illustration work of Hong Kong-based artist Peony Yip, a.k.a. The White Deer


Illustration by Victo Ngai

Victo Ngai a NY based illustrator from Hong Kong, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. Victo work has received recognition from the New York Times, Communication Arts, American Illustration, Spectrum, SOI NY,…


Peony Yip Illustrations

Peony Yip Animal pencil morphing illustrations captivates with simplicity of technique and colours, a pure state of art.

Daniele Manoli motion alphabet

Daniele Manoli created awesome motion graphics alphabet worth to watch on his Vimeo profile

Mare Tranquillitatis | Jerry Luk

Hong Kong based graphic designer sparked my intrigue with experimental artworks and illustrations. Jerry is constantly exploring new tactics to express himself as a contemporary artist and illustrator.

Гонконгский графический дизайнер Джерри Люк заинтриговал нас своей экспериментальной графикой.

Calvin Ho at Atomic Attack

Atomic Attack is the personal website of Calvin Ho. AA was formed in 1997. Working on a wide range of projects that cover design, art direction, illustration & motion for the music, fashion, art, film & entertainment industries. Under the cut are some projects which are not directly related to design as such but more of Calvin’s love with music, magazines, collecting toys, writing and creating interesting online projects.


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