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Andrew Myers Photography

Photographer Andrew B. Myers is a Canadian who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Personally loved his objectified commercial photography


Landscape Photography By Elizabeth Gadd

21-year-old Canadian photographer Elizabeth Gadd (Facebook / Flickr) creates breathtaking landscape photos with solitary wanderers embracing their majestic natural surroundings. This self-taught artist’s work is an expression of her endless love for nature…


Graeme Berglund

Paintings by Vancouver-based artist Graeme Berglund


Editorial illustrations by Michael Byers

Hamilton-based Canadian talented illustrator Michael Byers and his fun, dynamic, and emotionally driven editorial illustrations.


Kit King drawings

Kit King is a self-taught artist born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Kit’s work tends to fall on the macabre side. With a focus on detail and rich value…


Illustrations by Patrick Seymour

From his studio in Montreal, Quebec, digital artist Patrick Seymour (Behance) creates a stunning collection of individualistic art. The line work in his prints is mighty impressive, with streaks of electric blue and…


Pierre-Antoine Moelo

Illustrator Pierre-Antoine Moelo has come up with a series of quirky illustrations that show different types of cities resting on islands.


Digital art of Mike Pelletier

Interactive artist and technical director Mike Pelletier is originally from Canada, but is now based in Amsterdam full time. “Kinect Portraits” published here is a visually electrifying project, which uses the software Kinect…


Francois Chartier

Canadian hyper realistic artist Francois Chartier have a wonderful gallery of artworks worth to visit online


Adam Lupton

Love this awesome glitch artworks from Adam Lupton


Jen Mann

Exploring the new artworks (previously here) of Toronto-based artist Jen Mann


Sofia Ajram photography

Dreamy photography of Montreal-based photographe Sofia Ajram feels more like an illustration to an endless shoegaze space-rock album or a frame story of unseen silent movie. Take your time to enjoy her portfolio…


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