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Francois Chartier

Canadian hyper realistic artist Francois Chartier have a wonderful gallery of artworks worth to visit online


Adam Lupton

Love this awesome glitch artworks from Adam Lupton


Jen Mann

Exploring the new artworks (previously here) of Toronto-based artist Jen Mann


Sofia Ajram photography

Dreamy photography of Montreal-based photographe Sofia Ajram feels more like an illustration to an endless shoegaze space-rock album or a frame story of unseen silent movie. Take your time to enjoy her portfolio…


Sarah Gonzales illustration

Canadian illustrator Sarah Gonzales draws awesome portraits worth to review on her Behance and Tumblr profiles


The Design Deck: a Playing-Card Guide to Graphic Design

Learn graphic design while playing poker with this beautiful deck of cards. Graphic Design is a hugely useful skill, and we are surrounded by it in almost every part of our lives, but…


A Girl Named Elastika

Animated by Guillaume Blanchet, this new stop-motion short called A Girl Named Elastica tells the brief story of a girl who leaves her home to adventures around the world. This stop-motion made of…


Greg Papove

Greg Papove is a designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia who works on a different urban and home project with a great sense of humour and humanity


Paintings by Charles Bierk

Toronto-based hyper realistic artist Charles Bierk works with classic oil on canvas to create “graphite on paper” illusion in paintings. Please check his portfolio on


Martin Tremblay

“Fortune Cookies” is a photo series by Canadian photographer Martin Tremblay, in which he turns his subjects on their heads—literally. The project was commissioned by the fashion magazine Schön!


Papercut art by Myriam Dion

Canadian artist Myriam Dion takes newspapers and intricately cuts patterns into the pages using a scalpel.


Andrew Mayers

Creative friendly photographer from Canada


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