Ways to read Designcollector after Google Reader shuts down

If you’re reading this post in Google Reader, you won’t be doing so tomorrow. After July 1st Google Reader is shutting down. There is a lot of opportunities to stay with us reading our RSS channel on mobile or web applications. NOW please run fast to your Google Reader Settings press "Import/Export" tab and follow the instructions to save all your favourite channels as an OPML source file that you can import later to other reading applications. Our RSS Channel Link:


I am personally out from G-Reader since its first appointment on closure few month ago, and being a curious mind I ran my personal reading sever running on Fever by Shaun Inmann. But at least you need to have a server to run this beautiful app.

News reading apps:

1. For my Fever News reading server I use the mobile app called Reeder but following their latest news they are not ready to solve the issues after Google Reader is out. But they are still good and can run your Fever, Feedly, Feedbin

2. Google Currents for Mobile (add Designcollector Channel) The long-waited app from Google met a cool wave of critics last year but still a good opportunity to read your favourite RSS channels. Prepare to meet a "Newspaper" like user interface with no opportunity to glide through the news.

3. FLUD. I have been following Flud news aggregator since their first appearance as a startup. For now guys has been grown up as a huge News experience environment with Mobile and Desktop solutions both corporate and user oriented. You must try them, find Designcollector on Creative tab in application.

4. Netvibes - the oldest News reading web and mobile applications that uses pretty nice grid user interface.

5. FEEDLY. You can use Feedly on your desktop or you can download the app for your iPhone/iPad or from Google Play. Use these instructions to import your Google Reader feeds into Feedly with one click

6. Flipboard. You can follow us on Flipboard – just download the app for Apple or from Google Play. Use these instructions to migrate your Google Reader feeds into Flipboard.

7. Pulse. Another great news application that can easily migrate your Google Reader settings by this link

I bet there are many other ways to read Designcollector news in case you don't like to check our website every morning (Digg Reader, My Yahoo) but here is the easiest way:

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P.s. Rummors say Facebook is preparing its personal Reader application. Let's wait for clear news.

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