Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer

An avid lover of music and art, Ted Riederer created these skull forms by placing vinyl records atop a plaster skull mold and melting them down. The record label molds perfectly around the curvature of the frontal bone giving each skull a unique identity. The series, titled Primal Sound, "…aims to explore the symbols of music, and music communities, for their redemptive power. When I was 16, my life fell apart, I joined a band and was saved. The vinyl skulls are based on a nonfiction essay by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke entitled ‘Primal Sound.’ In this essay he ponders what sound the coronal suture would make as it closely resembles a sound wave. He proposes that this process of combining what seems like disparate elements initially to create something that the world has never heard, is a model for making good art." –Ted Riederer