TEN Collection by Fotolia: Eric Paré and Mike Campeau

Two artists, two different skill sets, one creation – this is the idea behind third season of TEN. Fotolia is adding a new spin to its creative and educational TEN project – splitting up ten internationally renowned artists into five artistic pairs (one photographer and one designer). Together, they will create an original digital art piece that depicts their vision of the future. The first duo joins photographer Eric Paré from Québec, and designer Mike Campau of Michigan, who present the fruit of their collaborative labor, “Creating her own future”.A PSD of the art piece is downloadable for free for 24 hours on today, Monday, March 10 on TEN website. And don’t forget to watch a cool video tutorial below.


Originally from Montreal, photographer Eric Paré is a well-known reference in light painting, bullet time and stop-motion photography techniques. Despite his minimalist approach, light is central to his work, and is the focal point of all his creations. “I am influenced by my environment. I am very sensitive to light reflections on people’s skin. I try to bring out the best in them, simply through the different shapes created by light.” When asked about his artistic vision, Paré explained, “For me, it’s not about creating a technically perfect image, as much as it is about an conveying an emotion.”

Mike likes to define himself as a “photo-designer”, because he combines many different techniques in his work, such as photography, illustration, CGI (computer-generated imagery). Talent alone did not get him to where he is today. The University of Michigan graduate has worked for over 15 years in ad agencies as well as for celebrities such as Tracy Morgan, Mike Tyson, Roger Daltry, and big clients such as Chevrolet, Ford, Pepsi, Sony, and more. Campau believes that talent is not an end in itself, “Good work comes from years of practice and many failures. Mental strength is very important to artists, but the most important quality is passion.”


Their joint art piece, “Creating her own future”, blends Paré’s captivating light work with Campau’s careful attention to detail. “The future-related theme instantly made me think of bringing to life an extra-ordinary character; one that is open to interpretation and that no one can identify with,” explains Paré. Their piece presents a seemingly fragile woman, sitting on the earth, emitting an incredible power. She is aware that she can shape her future, and is letting her creativity flow – represented by the light coming out of her hand. Her creativity also represents her lifeline and defense against the monotone world she is in.


And starting on March 12, Fotolia is launching an international contest for designers and photographers on Facebook and accessible on www.tenbyfotolia.com. You will have the chance to challenge the artist duo and win great prizes such as Wacom tablets, subscriptions to Adobe Creative Cloud, Roland VersaStudio BN-20 printers, Exaprint prints, and more. Check for all the details on https://www.facebook.com/TenCollection