Patterns of Harmony

"When it comes to sculpture, Gaspar Battha thinks big. His artworks address concepts including the limitations of the mind (envisioned as a physics-defying robotic bird), and humankind's relationship with tools (realized through custom-made screws and screwdrivers). Patterns of Harmony, his Master-project at UdK Berlin, takes this line of inquiry one step further, using a projection-mapped light box to explore the geometric nature of the universe." via A series of angled two-way mirrors forms the bulk of the lightbox, which Battha calls a "fractal of cubes." He maps and projects graphics into the back of the hexagonal sculpture, where "the light gets 'trapped inside' the object," bouncing off the reflective surfaces to form the 3D geometric shapes that viewers experience. Where the kaleidoscopic patterns are reminiscent of Kit Webster's Hypercube sculpture, Patterns of Harmony's geometry warps the mind in its efforts to communicate the mysteries of quantum physics.